Engineering and Integration: the pillars of Triton Energy. Our engineered solutions start with the client’s whole energy world -the fuels and renewables available to him, his existing system, his future demand, his eco-goals- and end with a solution that works like it’s supposed to: reliably, cleanly and cost-efficiently. We guarantee it. Integration means that our clients aren’t left with problems to solve. Be it project installation, regular maintenance, fuel supply or whatever else it takes to provide a complete solution for our clients, Triton will deliver. Sprawling metropolis or remotest island, Triton will deliver. To view working solutions and satisfied clients, click on See Our Services.

Our clients have unique energy needs. Customized solutions are everything in energy provision. As you already know, one size does not fit all. Triton Energy is “equipment agnostic.” That means we don’t represent any single technology or manufacturer. Why does this matter for you? Because the best solutions often require a blend of technologies, fuels, renewables and manufacturers. Triton Energy is about specifying the best fit for our clients – the right balance of technology, efficiency, cost and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to see how we can design the right solution for your energy needs.


Our Services

Triton Energy provides fuel supply, installation, post-installation maintenance, and well as operations once the project is complete.

Using distributed energy, multiple fuels, and integrated power sources such as PV and hydrocarbon, we provide a uniquely affordable and eco-friendly energy experience to clients in the Caribbean and abroad.

Our Latest Projects

We’re currently changing the game in the Caribbean energy industry. From solar to energy storage to any and all new innovative technologies we come across, we’re ready to implement a unique energy experience into your Caribbean power project.

About Triton Energy

Triton Energy is a full stack energy solutions provider. We make it possible for clients in remote locations around the world to have access to creative energy solutions.

Based in the Caribbean, Triton Energy provides energy solutions and maintenance to new or existing properties in remote areas, namely small islands. We understand that a stable and reliable energy source is a necessity for properties in small places, and we provide everything needed to implement a new energy solution“ and we mean everything.

Why Choose Us

We’re not like other energy solutions in the Caribbean and we’re not just a fuel supplier. Triton Energy is pro-Earth, pro-integration, and we engineer everything in-house. That means that we engineer, finance, and focus on solutions that are the best fits for different unique clients.

WE’RE THE SOLUTION TO LOCATION-BASED CHALLENGES. Triton Energy clients live in geographical locations that require extremely creative energy solutions and smart fuel sourcing. Businesses and residents on remote islands and other isolated areas require stable, reliable power. And Triton is there to deliver it.

WE TAKE ON ALL ASPECTS OF THE ENERGY CHALLENGE. Triton Energy is a full service energy provider that takes on the challenge of providing creative energy solutions from beginning to the very end. That means we’re ready to handle design, source, build, and maintenance.

WHEN WE’RE A PART OF YOUR PROJECT, YOU’LL HAVE A LONG TERM PARTNER. For developers and business people who want to start a new development or project in a remote area or want a more stable relationship with their energy provider, Triton is there– Our solutions improve reliability, maintenance, cost, and everything in between when it comes to starting new developments and renovating existing projects. We’re a part of your journey.

Purpose Built

We get that not every builder, executive, engineer, or contractor has the expertise to integrate an ideal balance of fuel supply and equipment selection when integrating energy solutions into their project. This is especially so for projects that take place in remote areas where local expertise is few and far between. Triton has a team of experienced energy solution experts to take on the task of custom-fitting our clients with the best solutions and products possible.

Carefree Maintenance

Triton Energy takes on the challenge of maintaining the energy solutions we provide for your development project. We don’t just work on providing your resort or property with power– we’re there to make sure our systems work effectively for years to come. At Triton Energy, we fully staff our energy solutions. Once the solution is up and running, it stays running. Our clients don’t have to ever worry about power disruptions caused by equipment failure because of poor maintenance.

Cost Effective

Because our equipment and technologies are developed internally, we can provide ultra-competitive pricing to our clients. Constructing properties involves constant delegation of prices to stick to a budget that makes sense. At Triton, we understand the financial strains in building projects and offer attractive custom pricing for individual projects. We also provide financing to qualifying clients.

Let Us Power Your Dreams

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and grid connected power. Enhance reliability and sustainability. Be part of a movement to change the future of our planet with sustainable energy solutions.

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